Säkerhetsdörrar Team Guard AB

Säkerhetsdörrar1Säkerhetsdörrar är en bra investering!

Att välja att investera i en säkerhetsdörr ger som sagt många fördelar förutom det uppenbara inbrottsskyddet.

På Team Guardab arbetar vi med flera av de bästa tillverkarna av säkerhetsdörrar, både i och utanför Sverige. Genom att inte vara styrd till endast en leverantör har vi möjlighet att leverera rätt dörr utefter varje enskild förutsättning. Fortsätt läsa

Kontrollera silvrets äkthet

Anta att du har köpt en silver ring på en loppmarknad eller att din flickvän frågade hur man fastställer att silversmycken är tillverkade av äkta silver. Kanske har du undrat, "är mormors silvermynt gjorda av silver?". Silver i sin rena form är en mycket mjuk metall och produkter tillverkade av silver är mjuka och bräckliga. En av de renaste silverformerna är sterling silver som består av cirka 92,5 procent silver och 7,5 procent koppar. Denna legering är hårdare än rent silver och kan användas för framställningen av mynt, smycken, osv. Ofta finns det missförstånd när det gäller silver och silverpläterade produkter. Gå till steg 1 för att ta reda på hur du kontrollerar ditt silver. Fortsätt läsa

Privatflytt i Stockholm

Elefant Flytt tar hand om ert privata bohag. Från en liten lägenhet i stan till villan på landet. Vid större objekt, till exempel vid flytt från villa eller större lägenhet, kommer vi och diskuterar fram en lämplig lösning tillsammans med kunden, vi utför en kostnadsfri besiktning.

Vill du ha packning utför vi denna med speciellt utbildade packmästare. Vår personal är vana att hantera både ömtåliga och värdefulla saker och tar ditt förtroende på största allvar. För ett förtroende är just vad det är när du låter oss komma in i ditt hem och ansvara för dina personliga ägodelar. Fortsätt läsa

Give Bad Habits the Boot!

Everybody has bad habits. Everybody. Now granted, some people have less than others and some people's bad habits are more grating than those of others, but we all have them. What is great is that we don't have to!

Imagine a life where you couldn't change? What kind of life would that be? But we can, so let's!

There are two kinds of bad habits: Those you know you have that others may or may not know about, and those you don't know you have but everybody else knows you have!

For the sake of everybody involved we ought to get rid of them all, right?

Well Chris, how can I get rid of a bad habit if I don't know I have it? Simple, but hard. Ask somebody to be brutally honest with you! You might think, "Yeah, but I'll be embarrassed." Would you rather everyone talk behind your back? Get up the courage and ask. Ask somebody who loves you and has your best interest in mind. Be gracious and don't defend your self. Just accept it and work on it. Fortsätt läsa

The Twin Actions of Accomplishment

When it comes to achieving accomplishments there are two foundational actions that must take place. When these two actions take place, and take place in the right order, you will become unstoppable. You will also enter into an elite group of people who actually do both.

You see, most people are given to only one or the other, and in doing so negate their opportunity to accomplish what it is that they want to accomplish.

What are these two actions?

Intake and output.

Think about it. Fortsätt läsa

Achieving Success Through Effective Goal Setting

It is important to have goals because they are good for your physical and mental health. You can have goals for all areas of your life. Here are a few ideas: Career, Learning, Clubs, Money, Community, Politics, Contribution, Professional, Emotional, Reading, Family, Relationships, Health, Service, Home, Spiritual Interests, Travel.

What Makes an Effective Goal?

Not all goals are motivating. If a goal is too vague, hard to measure, or impossible to achieve, it will lack effectiveness and ultimately be a wasted exercise. Goal statements should be:

- Stated with action verbs

- Specific

- Measurable

- Challenging

- Written down, with completion dates

Effective goals have all five ingredients.

The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 Rule (also known as Pareto's Principle) says that 20% of what we do produces 80% of the results. Fortsätt läsa

Halftime: Re-evaluating Yearly Goals

Note: This article was originally written at mid year so it is good reminder around June but the principles are applicable anytime.

In a sporting event, the players are given a break at the half in order to refresh themselves, look at how they played in the first half, and set strategy for the second half. So as you approach halftime, here are some thoughts. Do you have a vacation planned in the next two months that will give you the needed break and refreshment? If not, schedule one this week! How did you "play" in the first half of this year? Have you met your goals that you established at the beginning of the year? Here are a few ideas to evaluate where you are at with your goals as you approach the halfway mark.

Take some time to sit down alone and review your goals. How many are you on mark to make? How many have you not even begun on? How many have you achieved? Fortsätt läsa

Simple Ways to Super-Charge Your Goals and Make Them Work!

Goals. Most people have a love-hate relationship with goals. They love them because they are such a great idea and a wonderful way to motivate us to achieve, as well as evaluate our progress, but hate them because for many, they more often than not go unattained and simply frustrate them. This isn't what goals should do!

So here are some simple ways to set goals so that we achieve them! After all, what good is a goal if it isn't something you achieve? Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure that you see change in your life this year.

Narrow your focus. That's right, start small. Pick two or three areas tops, that you want to work on. Too many people say to themselves, "I want to do this, and this, and this, and this..." and they end up doing nothing! Most of what you do throughout your day can be done without a lot of mental or emotional exertion, but change isn't one of them. So focus down to a couple. This way you can get some victory in these areas. Here are some areas to think about: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial, and Relational. What areas need some work? Now, what one thing should be the first item on the change list? The others will come later, but for now, you should focus on two or three total. Fortsätt läsa

Goalsetting: Must We?

All goals take time to accomplish. But most people are impatient. All really worthwhile objectives involve work, and sacrifice, maybe even pain! But most people HATE pain. Therefore, most people don't have any system at all for setting targets.

As some wise person once said (and we've all heard it a hundred times), "Nobody plans to fail, but many people fail to plan." And when you look at that sentence on balance you have to realize that it's the same thing. No plan equals a plan for failure.

So here is a plan for goalsetting - target-setting - that may assist you in changing the way you address life.

Take out a new sheet of paper and write the numbers 1 through 10 vertically, about an inch apart. Ready? OK.

To make it easy for you to remember, I've made each of the following ten points hinge on words starting with the letter "P".

Point 1...PAPERIZE. That's MY word. It means: Commit everything to writing. Fortsätt läsa

Living The Real Life Beyond Goal Setting

In many of his wonderful talks the motivational speaker Zig Ziglar states "you've got to have goals." Have you ever asked yourself why?

You are instructed that you need different types of goals. There are fitness goals, financial goals, relationship goals and spiritual goals. Your list of goals can be endless. There are some successful people who are working on more than fifty goals in developing their personal and business life. There is pride expressed in the fact that the more goals they have the better person they are.

There are more and more people becoming goal junkies.

There will be those of you who will give me good reasons for setting and achieving goals. I ask you a deeper question. This question is "For what purpose?" You think if you do not set goals nothing will be achieved. There are many who when setting goals feel increasingly conflicted.

Rather than more goal setters this world needs people to simply be present to their lives. Fortsätt läsa